June 1978 | Findhorn

Planetary Game Workshop

The first “public” version of the Game, the Planetary Game was played in Cluny Hill ballroom at Findhorn Foundation in June 1978 as part of the workshop “The Art of Synthesis” with 20 Players and 4 Guides. Very rudimentary equipment: squares of paper, clothes of sheets, etc. Incredibly powerful, precise and transformative.

November 1987 | Findhorn

The entire community (100 participants), including one of the founders, Eileen Caddy, played the Planetary Game at Universal Hall. Significant turning point for the Findhorn Foundation.

January 1989 | Findhorn

New Year Planetary Game Workshop for 80 people. Played at Universal Hall. 10 Guides and 16 Trainee Guides. Focus on global healing. New equipment. Computer communications network. Provided vision and action plan for the year ahead. Splendid.

November 1990 | Netherlands

First Planetary Game played outside of Findhorn with 20 players.  Very exciting. “From now on we would like to travel more with the Planetary Game.”

February 1991 | Seattle

Planetary game with 60 people focused on specific event of the moment (Gulf War). David Spangler joined the Focusing Team (GODs). An inspiring event.

June 1998 | Findhorn

Planetary Game of Accredited Facilitators of the Transformation Game. Twentieth anniversary of the first public game of any version of the Game. The areas were: Vision, Co-existence, Identity and Authorship.

December 1999 | Findhorn

Millennium Planetary Game. More than 80 participants from 19 countries welcomed the new millennium by spending ten days playing the game in its small and expanded versions. The areas were; Relationships, Way of Life, Community, Welfare and Recreation and Unknown. It was a powerful, peaceful and profound way to welcome the 21st century.

June 2010 | Findhorn

Two Planetary Games with redesigned Global Homes and World Work Squares.

1st Game – Cultivating Presence in our lives – was the theme of this Planetary Game which celebrated the 30 the anniversary of creation of the Game of Transformation. 80 participants came from 25 countries. The game was experienced in the following areas: Nature and Environment, Relationships and Family, Work and Professional Life, Transition and Breakthrough and Ego & Wellness.

2nd Game – Community Commemoration of the 44 the Findhorn Anniversary. The game was experienced in the following areas; Leadership and Power; Wellness and Creativity; Ecology and Co-creation with Nature; Role of the Planet and Expansion; Money and Local Economy.

November 2006 | Findhorn

Planetary Game at the Summer Solstice

60 participants came from 18 countries.  With the purpose “We intend to cultivate a spirit of partnership with the sacred within, alluring and bringing forth new patterns of consciousness and expressions of wholeness.” The game was experienced in the following areas: ourselves, our relationships, our work, our collective structures, nature and the environment.

June 2012 | Findhorn

“We intend to illuminate and tend inner and outer pathways of love and grace, shaping and coming into a higher order of coherence with the heart of the Earth and the heart of humanity.” The game was experienced in the following areas: We & Our Relationships, Nature & Environment, Governance & Savings, Subtle World, and Emerging Impulse.

September 2013| Brazil

First Planetary Game with simultaneous translation. Organized in Brazil by the team coordinated by Taygeta. All the equipment was created in 2 languages: English and Portuguese.

“With the intention of aligning ourselves with the Emerging Impulse, we connect with the Soul of Brazil, open ourselves to deep levels of heart, mind and spirit, and co-create a future of coherence, resilience and hope.” And the 5 Areas were: ourselves and our Relationships, Leadership and Finance, Education and Technology, Nature and our Environment, Emerging Impulse.

October 2015 | Brazil

2nd Planetary Game in Brazil with the purpose “In a Spirit of partnership, we intend to stand in our strengths and capacities, discovering new ways to engage with our world and step gracefully into the emerging future with open hearts.” Playing Areas were; Relationships – (with ourselves and others), Leadership, Subtle Worlds, Nature and Environment, and the Emerging Future.

July 2016 | Findhorn

Celebration for the 40th anniversary of the Game of Transformation, with the purpose “In a spirit of partnership we intend gracefully to stand in and contribute our authenticity and presence, engaging with the world in creative and fulfilling ways, and shaping and energizing the emerging future.”  The Areas were: Relationship and Identity, Nature and Ecology, Community and Systems, The Subtle Worlds, The Emerging Future.

January 2018 | Thailand

The first Planetary Game in Thailand and in Asia.  The equipment was created in 2 languages, English and Thai.  The purpose was “In a spirit of partnership we intend to become coherent in our authenticity, expression and presence, to deepen our engagement with the Soul of the World and the Souls of our Nations, and to shape a future of resilience, trust and hope.” In the areas of; Relationship and Family, Nature and the Environment, Governance and Leadership, the Subtle Worlds and the Emerging Future.