• Thai and English

    with simultaneous
  • Date

    8-14 January
  • Location

    at Royal Gems Resort,
  • 33 participants

    from 9 countries


In a spirit of partnership
we are
coherent in our authenticity,
expression and presence,
deepening our engagement
with the Soul of the World
and the Souls of our Nations,
and shaping a future of resilience,
trust and hope



The Emerging Future
Subtle Worlds
Nature and the Environment
Governance and Leadership
Relationship and Family


Left to right : Kritaya Sreesunpagit, Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler, Mary Inglis

Planetary Game Thailand 2018

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Planetary Game Findhorn 2016

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Planetary Game Brazil 2015

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What is Planetary Game

The Planetary Game is a large-scale version of the Game of Transformation.  Born at the Findhorn Foundation 40 years ago as a process for the deepening of self-discoveries and self-love.  Today there are many versions of the Game, with hundreds of trained accredited facilitators around the world and the box Game has been translated into more than 10 languages. 

It involves up to 120 participants in five Playing Areas. Focused around a life-sized Game path on the floor, it provides an exciting, multi-dimensional environment in which we can connect with and honor our individual paths and contribution within the whole, while also engaging our hearts, minds and spirits with collective issues and challenges in today’s world.


The Planetary Game started in 1978 in the Findhorn Community in Scotland, expanding the number of participants from the original version of the Transformation Game, which was 5 players, so that the entire Findhorn community could play.

How does it work?

The Planetary Game has been described as a form of sacred theatre.  It amplifies both personal and collective issues, engaging our hopes and dreams for a positive future, highlighting strengths and resources, and pointing to new directions. It also reflects current limiting patterns and their underlying causal dynamics, and gives us the opportunity to reshape them.

The Game begins with each participant choosing one of the Playing Areas to work in, formulating their own intention that is personally meaningful, and selecting a role to play: Player, Insight, Setback, Angel or Witness.

Each Area represents a key area of engagement.  As we are all involved in all of them, collectively we will deepen into each of them and learn from the interplay between them.

Play then commences and costumed participants representing the Playing Areas use a die, free will or intuition to move along the path on the floor.  Different squares present opportunities for interaction, growth, breakthrough, recognition of shared strengths and challenges and learning from one another’s work.

Although there is personal growth, insight and healing, the Planetary Game is played at far more than just the personal level.  Its effectiveness depends on our capacity to recognize ourselves in one another, to see the world within ourselves and ourselves within the world, and to respond accordingly.  It requires us to take responsibility for being co-creative participants in the wellbeing of a wholeness larger than just our own.

Do come and join us as we bring collective wisdom to both personal and global issues, explore our interconnectedness, and engage our capacity to generate positive pathways and presence in these extraordinary and exciting times.

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Innerlinks is an organization founded by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler the creators of the Frameworks Coaching Process, Frameworks for Change®, MentorSpirit® Cards, The Transformation Game®, Intuitive Solutions®, the original Angel® Cards and of course the Planetary Game.  Innerlinks has office both in the UK at Findhorn Community and run by Mary Inglis, Innerlinks UK director and in the US.  They oversee the productions and distributions of Game related products and organize related workshops and trainings around the world.


Transformation Game Thailand, is a group of accredited Transformation Game® facilitators in Thailand that come together to organize game related workshops and trainings in Thailand in cooperation with Innerlinks.  Coordinated by Kritaya (Au) Sreesunpagit, TG Thailand now has 20 facilitators and we are very proud and excited to co-host this Planetary Game in Thailand!



Not at all.  This Planetary Game is open for everyone (above 16 years old), no previous experiences needed.  The Guides would facilitate the process step-by-step so there’s no need for you to know the rules of the Game beforehand.  There would also be Area Guides to assist you all through the process.  And if you are totally new to this game, you would help bring in a fresh perspective, so all are very welcome!

No need for that as well.  The game process and all the materials would be provided in both Thai and English.

You would need to be at least 16 years old and able to communicate in at least Thai or English.  Most importantly you would need to be willing to share yourself, to be vulnerable, to be invested in your personal transformation and also the planet.

The Planetary Game is a very intense process, so prepare yourself on all levels!

Make sure to get a good rest before you come, so that your physical body is ready for the great adventure!  If you are coming from other time zones, make sure you have adequate time for your body to fully adjust.
After registration, we would send out a more detailed preparation about the content of this Planetary Game.  There would be some questions and issues to ponder upon before you come, so please do ?

Photos and some short VDO clips are possible when appropriate.  Please take extreme care in doing this as people would be sharing personal things about their lives and we ask that you respect others’ confidentiality, please do not take photos or VDOs that would reveal the content of other people’s game.  You can share about your personal experiences and insights as much as you like, and in whatever forms you like and we encourage you to do that!

During the game sessions, we would ask you to not use your phones for any form of communications (calling, texting, facebooking, instagraming, etc.) so that you can be fully present to the time and place of the game, this is very important for the process and for things to fully unfold.  If needed you can use your phones during breaks of after sessions, but we urge you to do this only when truly necessary.  The game is an ongoing process, starting on the very first day (or even sometime before that!) and end on the last day.  The game is in play not just in sessions, but all the time in that week.  To hear, see, feel, sense and get in touch what is happening and transforming, we need to give it all our attention.  So please give yourself the opportunity to be fully present.

As the game is an ongoing process for the whole week, even after sessions.  There is very little time or attention for anything else.  We would advise to not bring your family or companions to the event if they will not be joining the game as you will barely have time for them and having people relying on you could take your attention away from being fully present with the game.

The Planetary Game is an ongoing and continuous process for the whole week.  For the process to fully work for you and for you to contribute to this planetary transformation, you would need to be there to complete the process for whole 7 days. You would be working in Areas and a Family within your Areas, they would also be relying on you to be there for them for the whole week as well.  Therefore, please make sure you can be there for the whole 7 days.

As the Royal Gems Resort is in Nakornpathum, very close to Bangkok (about 30 minutes drive) and very easy to get to by car or taxi, there will be no arranged transportation.  It we need assistance with travel and/or accommodations email us at planetarygamethailand@gmail.com.

We don’t know when (or where) will be the next one yet, so if you can come this time please do!

If you cancel before 30 Sept, you can get 70% refund on your payment, and if cancel before 30 Nov, 50% of your payment can be refunded.  After that no refund is possible.

The Game is a reflection of life.  We played the game just like how we live our lives.  Playing the game helps us to see our pattern more clearly and therefore have more choices about how we would like to live.  The objective of the game is to deepen self-discovery and self-love.  The Planetary game is even more special in that we are playing in the context of the Planet to discover how our personal lives are affected by and are effecting others and the planet.  You would be experiencing first-hand how you are connected to the environment and the dynamics around you and how each one of us can contribute for the greater good of all.  What exactly will happen at this game?  Well, that’s part of the discovery, something yet to be unfold.  Just like the game we called life, it’s magical, fascinating, and offer endless possibilities.  Above all it is up to you and each one of the game participants to shape the outcome of this game, of this life, of our planet.

Normally participants would be sharing a room (2 per room).  You can make request about who you would like to share with and if you want to have a single room, that would be possible as well with some extra charge.  Also if you need any other special arrangement for you accommodation, please let us know at planetarygamethailand@gmail.com.

We can cater to most dietary requirements, please do specify when register and if you have more specific requirements you can also email us details and we’ll do our best to try to accommodate that.

Most nationalities are eligible for 30 days tourist visa on arrival, which means no need to apply for a visa prior to your travel.  But to be sure check this link for Thai visa information http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/4908/15405-General-information.html


Kritaya (Au) Sreesunpagit
Email: planetarygamethailand@gmail.com
Phone: +66-89927-5264